About Us


Our team consists of dedicated professionals

Cloud Computing Experts

We have built the scalable environment where you can work and communicate with your partners and patients in secure and effective way

Big Data Analytics

We provide you with trusted, relevant and timely information supporting your decision making in the treatment process

Healthcare Practitioners

We have created the network of knowledge and organized the healthcare services to deliver the best treatment to your patients

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the patient first by making the treatment the collaborative process. The process where the healthcare providers get access to all information and services they need for treatment. The process where patient is actively involved in the treatment.

We want to build the system where the healthcare providers get access to the complete and actual information about patient, his health conditions and can easily find the information and services which can be applied in the treatment process.

Inccare Platform

The way in which we communicate and work together is undergoing the immense changes due to new technology. We are using this technology for building truly scalable and secure system which allow to use the cognitive knowledge to protect our health.

The beta version of our inccare platform has been released. We build this product for you and we want to invite you to check if our product satisfies your requirements. You can access the latest version on inccare.com site.

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We will be grateful for your comments on delivered functionality. It helps us to build better product which meets your requirements.

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